Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sirius Community

It is going to be very hard to leave this place. The residents, my fellow permaculturists, the energy… it is truly a magical experience here at Sirius. The past few days we have concentrated on the scale of permanence; specifically water and landscape. We learned how to use different equipment for mapping contour lines. We were also assigned our group projects – "to create the best permaculture design possible".

Instead of blogging on two sites, I'm going to have you follow on the living routes website: , as I have to blog for the course. Tons of pictures posted there as well - let me know if you have trouble finding them (click the photo's link).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 1 - 2 Recap

Hey everyone,

I've arrived at Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA. It's a really great place and the people I've met thus far are wonderful. It is a pretty intensive course...we only get a couple of days off the entire 3 weeks! But the stuff we are learning is totally worthwhile... I'd much rather tell you all about it in-person. In case you all are wondering about numbers:

  • There's about 22 students taking the course
  • There are 4 instructors
  • About 30 people live at Sirius
  • There are people who live across the street from Sirius who are actively involved in the community
Our schedule goes like this:

  • Wake up around 6:45am
  • Breakfast at 7:15 - 8:00
  • Class starts at 8:00 and lasts until 1:00 with a snack period in between
  • Lunch starts at 1:00 and lasts until 2:30 (including free time)
  • We have class again until dinner which is at 6:30 (again, a break or two in between).
  • Some nights we have class from 8:00 - 9:30, other nights we have free time.
I have another blog going, which I will post the link to, as a requirement for the course. I will be blogging regularly on the Living Routes website (click the link) so if you want to follow my day to day routine you can read about it here.

I'll leave you with some pictures that I took today of the site:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Permaculture Design and Edible Forest Gardening (Course)

Good afternoon. Today I start a 3 week intensive permaculture design and edible forest gardening course. It takes place at Sirius Community located in Shutesbury, Massachusetts (did you know Massachusetts is the hardest word in the English language to say, and foreigners learn it by saying "Mr. Chu Says"). Just a little tid bit for the day.

Anyway, there is about 25 of us starting the course and it should be a totally awesome experience. I will be bringing my camera along and posting very often as it is part of my course contract. I will be living in or near the Sirius eco-village for the next 3 weeks. I must continue packing and organizing my things...updates soon to come. Be well,