Monday, April 5, 2010

Donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! Life is extremely hectic right now and because of that I haven't gotten to post on the blog very much recently. I'm in the process of transforming my yard into a garden (or a 'yarden'), finishing up graduate school, and doing numerous other outside of academia activities. I will write again when life calms down some!

Next Sunday (April 11) I will be bowling for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization with Sam, my little brother of 2 years! Last year we were the number 2 fundraising team in Hampshire County - totaling around $1250! This year I've been away for most of the fundraising-season and because of that I'm getting a VERY late start!

Many of you donated last year and I thank you so much for that. This year our goal this year is $500 and we are going to try and do that in a week! Here's how you can help:

Go to the following link:
Donate to our team: A couple of "Sirs"!

Or if that link doesn't bring you directly to our page: do the following
Clink the link on the right that says "more" (it's underneath "Team Rank")
Our team name is the top one - A Couple of "Sirs" - with me listed as the captain.

If you are willing/able to donate, I ask that you do it sometime this week, as the event starts on Saturday and we will be bowling on Sunday. Thank you SO much for your help - this is truly a great cause and everything you pitch in will help the organization make future big/little matches and hold other fun events like this.

Be well, everyone!


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