Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Companion-Planting Workshop in Amherst - Friday (April 2) at 9:00am!

Hey y'all

Come by 3 Willow Lane in Amherst, MA this Friday to learn about companion-planting! Llani Davidson from Sirius Community will be facilitating a FREE companion-planting workshop... teaching people what annuals go next to what for maximum benefit!

I have recently received over 50 varieties of seeds from Fedco and they are all going in the ground this Friday (April 2) starting at 9am! If you can come by and help, it will be greatly appreciated! Some of our activities include raking mulch off the recently sheet-mulched beds closest to the house (zone 1 for permaculturalists!), adding some more compost to the already raised beds, and laying down some cardboard and wood chips on the paths (slowly and surely, there will be just FOOD not a LAWN on this parcel of land!) I couldn't have gotten this far without all of your help, and now I'm asking for it again. One day I will return the favor - I am all for Propogating these edible forest gardens for All… if you need help with yours, please let me know.

The planting-party will last until probably 2:00ish depending on how many people show up (and the amount of cardboard people bring!) If you can come, it would be helpful to bring:


-and lots (and lots!) of cardboard for sheet mulching a few paths!

Feel free to bring others if you can make it - and a head count would be helpful for coordinating all of this. E-mail me at iamharb@gmail.com or call: (978) 314-1176. Looking forward to seeing / meeting lots of you this Friday.



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