Thursday, February 4, 2010

UMass Permaculture at Sirius Community - A Huge Success

Hey y'all,

Just a quick entry to say how yesterday's field trip to Sirius Community went. It's hard to put into words... let's just say that this UMass permaculture class is full of amazing people. Nobody would have guessed that about 75% of the class had never been to Sirius before. It felt so natural being there - everyone seemed so comfortable and the energy was just plain awesome.

We arrived about 30 minutes later than planned - it is extremely difficult getting 9 or 10 cars from one place to another! Leaving someone behind I could not let happen... but eventually we made it.

We circled up in the Octagon, did a breath, a brief check-in / announcements, then went on a mind-journey through the woods to a permaculture garden. Our discussion was getting pretty heavy by the end (global problems that permaculture seeks to solve.)

After class, half the students went on a tour of Sirius while the other half began dinner preparations. We had a FEAST of a meal at 6:00 - about 45 of us total - we could have easily fed 15 more with all the food we had!

After dinner the music playing began... and it didn't stop for hours. It was amazing seeing people become so close in such a short time-span. I couldn't believe this was only our second meeting as a class. People were singing, playing music and being their true selves, which is sometimes a rare thing in our society. All in all, an absolutely amazing time at Sirius Community. When you bring great people together in a great setting (the Sirius Community Center has amazing energy) magic happens. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people and having the life that I do. I'm able to do so much and yet many others around the world are so limited in their options.

Check out the movie Poto Mitan about the women in Haiti if you can.

Thanks for being yourselves, everyone.

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